16 November, 2010

You Need to Know About... Alexandra Lekias.

If you haven't heard of Alexandra Lekias, self-taught colourful artist hailing from the West Coast, Perth WA,  then you will now... to be truthful I wasn't completely familiar with Lekias work prior to receiving an invite to the exhibition preview, but had seen  Lekias’ work furiously been blogged about through the past few weeks - viral word is such a phenomenon! But after closer inspection [and I am excited to get a real close-up this week!] appears as a fabulous fusion of [tres fashionable] sass, a deft master-skill with ink,  and a cheeky playfulness of luring the viewer into the work by what is an admiration for the sense of colour, movement and line - then to realise actually what subject matter is - they are looking at. That's a trifecta of clever, creative, cheek...

Her pieces are lashed with vivid splashes of colour mixed with black and white ink. Influences of the artists have been noted as to include 15th Century Iconic art, German Expressionist cinema, Japanese Manga as well as the works of Art Nouveau artist Aubrey Beardsley. Sans subject matter - to me is somewhat reminiscent of a favourite artist and UNSW CoFA Alumni, Del Kathryn Barton - who is a recent [2008] AGNSW Archibald Prize Winner - with the style & colour usage with her winning piece You are what is most beautiful about me, a self portrait with Kell and Arella.
I am really looking forward to be attending the 'Friends of Leon' preview this Thursday evening, where the exhibition will run till 5th December.
So importantly - if you're in Sydney get yourself to the 'Friends of Leon Gallery' - or if you visiting our fine city be sure to pop it on your gallery & exhibition list as a must see... 
- Enjoy -

An extract from CuratedMag.com
Friends of Leon Gallery shares word on their upcoming exhibition, “Alexandra Lekias is one of the most exciting artists we have seen. A hidden artistic jewel from Perth who is going to make her mark on the contemporary illustration world. Her November 18th show Lifelong Baby Teeth is set to be one of our biggest and most visual arresting exhibitions to date. ”
Lekias, an illustrator of great precision, melds water color with fine line ink drawing to produce richly symbolic narratives. Much of her work focuses on female figures, her interest in adolescence apparent and her consistency of color tying the greater body of work together.
82 Marlborough Street Surry Hills 2010 NSW [Australia]

A preview of the exhibition, which opens on November 18, 2010, follows.
For more visit Friends of Leon, via their website HERE.

Images via Curated mag.com & trend hunter

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