09 November, 2010

Ohhh Christmas is a Creeping!

Serene - Christmas Dove Garland from
3 Girls & A Goat, from Brisbane Australia via Etsy

Vintage Christmas Bunting from AS Boutique via Esty

Fabulous - Sweet Paper Garland X-Mas Dream from
3 Girls & A Goat, from Brisbane Australia via Etsy

Perfect Present Tag - Snow Flake Paper Gift Cards from
3 Girls And A Goat, Brisbane Australia via Etsy

I am sooo excited about Christmas this year - especially since we've our had first baby - little Miss Isabelle, it really seems to make all the difference with Christmas being all about the children... that sense of magic seems to have crept back again and I love it!
I have inspired by a wonderful client of mine, the lovely M.Helm, from her display of hanging ornaments that were artfully suspended from her ceiling over her dining table last year - so that with a few other things that I have also gathered up will begin to hang & arrange festive decor over the next few weeks. Am thinking of a silver-peppermint theme this year [maybe a smattering of navy/ pale blue too] with a lean to an almost Nordic inspiration. I think the lead up to Christmas can be sooo exciting - so hedges are to be trimmed this weekend for pretty twinkling plain fairy lights to be strung up!
Nordic Inspiration from John Lewis
We just placed our order for our fresh Christmas tree with Elf Help, we have had them delivered for the past few years - nothing beats the smell of a fresh tree - it's a real tradition of ours. And I am getting cracking with a few fun 'Palatial' projects - I'm making a special personalised Stocking & Santa sack [pillowcase] for Miss Isabelle; and actually making stockings for Matthew [my husband] & I. Even though we have had one each before this year I want to make family ones for all of us with more design & colour cohesion... I have also come up with a sweet idea for all the babies - Isabelle's friends - from my lovely mother's group too! So stay tuned  I will post pics once all finished! I don't want to give anything away just yet!
Here's a few images that have got me excited - especially with all my fabulous home & interior December issue mags arriving in the mail the past week or so... Enjoy!

Just received my 'JOY' Christmas Shopping invitaion from CR
I love their graphic packagind & instore VM design this year,
centred around core colours Ruby Red, Sunny Yellow,
Navy Blue & Kelly Green - with silver & white!

Rustic Handmade red mixed berry wreath from
Silk N Light Designs via Etsy

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