01 May, 2009

Accents of Butter...

Yellow and shade of the hue are invariably fashionable - on trend for some time then go out and come back in... So if you're a little overwhelmed by shades of yellow and don't want to follow too fast fashion, and like most people not too sure where to place it - then here's a great way to put some yellow into your living areas... The oversize arm-chair and ottoman upholstered in a 'Missoni' inspired zig zag print, of neo regency technicolour proportions, are with muddied shades of tobacco, pale blue, and butter yellow combined with black and off white make for a modern & sophisticated way to incorporate colour. The buttery yellow accent cushions also helps to lift a grey taupe chaise lounge and at the same time are able to tie the pattern upholstered arm chair & Ottoman together in the same space - making for a fluid cohesive living room.
Do you have a favourite - print with yellow in it that you could use like this?
Images from Southern Living

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