25 May, 2009

Realm Thoughts... An Inspired Suggestion Card

We recently stayed at hotel realm in Canberra (the Nation's capital) but before we left this little suggestion card caught my eye... In the organic sleek - yet still cosy - style that is the hotel realm's nuance, I almost mistook this suggestion card [for feedback on your stay] as a stationary card because it was that nice. So nice that I would buy it as a design to use for notes and 'thank you's' to friends alike. I adore leaves and veined leaf images for their simplicity, organic origins, natural balance & symmetry, and am partial to them at the best of times, almost all colours, shapes and sizes, so maybe my eye caught it on a familiarity level as well, but what a simple yet effective way to give a suggestion card a positive presence. I am now on the look out for inspired [design] in the suggestion card arena - this area that could be and most usually does get taken for granted could be on of the lovelier last inspirations of your stay that you have!
What have you seen in your travels? Have you come across any great hotel feedback or suggestion card designs?

Images from hotel realm suggestion card - imported by Verandah Home & Garden Living Solutions.

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