12 May, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Dad...

Wishing my dear 'old' Dad a very Happy 60th Birthday... today!
Hoping you have a wonderful day, with Mum, the puppies & the chook-a-loos; and for a year ahead filled with great times - with family & friends, contentment, good health and fabulous golf days!

In 1949 you were born - the middle of 5 brothers... here's also what happened in the world the year you were born... through this link. 1949 After many years of misery through the depression and World War 11 postwar prosperity is starting to get underway with companies now able to supply the cars, Televisions and the other goods demanded in a consumer society. The cars got bigger, the TV's got bigger, with some 6.2 million new cars sold in the US and nearly 10 million Televisions in American homes, A new type of TV programme appeared we now call Soap Operas ( the name came from the fact many soap manufacturers sponsored the shows to catch the stay at home mum with advertising ) . China became a communist country and Russia had the Nuclear Bomb which increased the tension between East and West ( The Cold War ). 1949 was 60 years ago this year

We're looking forward to celebrating at the party over the weekend, & then when you get your exciting birthday present - the BEST ever (if I say so myself!) it's very Willy Wonka-esque in delivery! That's the only Clue... for now. Happy Birthday Dad. Lots of Love. Always, S xxxx

image from Martha Stewart

Sneaking in another post.... !!
Spalshes of Aqua Glass, with hints of Pink...

I seem to be channelling splashes of Aqua and hints of Pink, through from yesterday to today, I found these images whilst going through my colour picture libraries and had to pop them together. I love the aqua blue ceramic glass vessels - as vases, objects and lamp bases teamed with hints of lolly & floss pink, white and fresh green... I think have been inspired by my parents oversize Camellia Japonica and it's lipstick pink petal carpet on the pathway at their home and by Anna, from
Absolutely Beautiful Things... what splash of colour have you been inspired by this week?

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