22 May, 2009

High Chroma Pop!

Here's 3 great way to share a pop of Rock melon/ Tangerine - Tangelo into your life, and living spaces... I can't choose just one I like them all!
Above - The Wainscoting in Off-White allows the Rock melon wall, and vibrancy of the Coral print in the upholstery, to sing a in a sunny corner.
Above - fabric design from Mandalay Designs, I love this colour combination -a sublte way to bring in orange / peach & coral palette to your loving space that is fresh, contemporary, versatile and gorgeous.

Above - High Chroma colours make for such a modern youthful approach to what could be a dull window seat, bu t not when using White on White, with full strength colours as this Tangelo upholstery window seat, teamed with Azure and Apple Green soft cushions...

Images from House Beautiful & Mandalay Designs,

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