17 May, 2009

Sunday Snooze & the Pooches Who Know How to...

Trying to strike a pose for a 'Real Living Magazine' cover - 'Real Living' mag has had awesome pooch covers!
The real 'boss' of the house, our 3.5 year old Cavalier King Charles, Lucy - she's Vogue ready at all times!
Our gorgeous (nearly) 3 year old Cavoodle, Zach... loves to sneak up to our room for snoozing &posing on the Sheridan!
See P-oodles love to sneak up onto the bed...

Lounging around... a dog's life - all dogs seem to find several fabulous snoozey spots in the home.
And often it's all about seeing who's watching to pick the right spot!
Most of us are fortunate enough to have pets, and know the love of 'your best friend'... I have two dogs of whom are my '1st borns', I don't have children (as yet) and these two dogs , my husband and I treat as our 'fur babies' also known as Lucy, a 3.5 year old pure bred Blenheim Cavalier King Charles (think Elizabeth Taylor - the Cavalier - not the actress as 'Charlotte's dog from SATC - although we got Lucy before Elizabeth Taylor was popular'); and Zach, a 3 year old Honey coloured Cavoodle (Cavalier Kind Charles x Toy Poodle) - who we think is a little Pinocchio, just like the puppet there was a little boy inside just waiting to get out!
Often my some of my favourite photo shoots from great interior magazines incorporate the owners pets in the shot... such as these above from Domino magazine. There are a couple of my favourite Australian interior & lifestyle magazines that do this more often than not - Real Living magazine, Australian Country Style, Australian House & Garden and Australian Home Beautiful - each with covers & editorial shoots with great pets! Next time your flicking through your favourite mag you might find your favourite breed!

Images from Verandah Home & Garden Living Solutions & Domino magazine

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