06 May, 2009

May Colour Society Meeting - New Resene White Neutrals Range Launched!!

Last night I attended the May Colour Society [NSW] monthly meeting held at Resene Paint, in Cows Nest [Sydney NSW]. Amongst colour chips, litres of paint, glasses of wine and cheese & bickies. here we were treated to an super informative evening looking at various Resene paints and their application & performance - with some incredibly fantastic technical information provided by Rachel Devine, an Architectural Project Manager & Technical specifier from Resene Paint. We had the opportunity to 'play' with 4 various paint types... One in particular that I loved was the Sandtec which is a textured paint mostly used for exteriors but can also be used for interiors. The best thing about this paint and it's performance is that it 'hides' imperfections for exterior render that needs a freshen up where hairline cracks may have appeared [post settlement = from approx 3 - 8 years of building] or a very bowed imperfect interior wall where low sheen flat paint or wall paper won't suffice - this paint with it's textured affect if like putting on a mud mask on your face and the effects are like 'Botox' for your house!! You can tell I love it already - something I will be considering when spec-ing for these areas!

We and view the newly launched Karen Walker Colour Series... very gorgeous earthy tones - perfect for mid century and calming effects - less vibrational energy from these muted earthy hues.

However let me tell you that One of the most exciting things of the evening was that all CSA members attending last night received the yet to be released Resene - 'The Neutrals Range' hot off the airplane from Resene H/O in NZ - flown in especially for the colour society evening! The Resene Neutrals range is a beautiful selection of the Resene's best selling and most asked for neutral hues and they have shaded and tinted them up to 8 and 9 times for the variations that have been ever so popular - 2 colours in particular that have been longstanding are 'Mono' and 'Tea'... now you can have tinted & shaded variations of these gorgeous hues which can be use in different rooms where the light and aspect may not perform as well if you were to use the 'original' hue, but the effect is still as you have desired and fabulous! How clever - thank you Resene! And thank you to Judith Biggs - Colour Society NSW Chairperson for organising a wonderful evening, and the team at Resene for hosting a fabulous interactive & informative evening....

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