11 December, 2009

15 Festive Wreaths for Friday!

It's Friday, the weekend is upon us & not 2 weeks from now many of us will be putting our feet up, or chowing down on our Christmas Day lunch & dinner with Family & Friends... Wow the next fortnight will really go quickly!!
I found this fab image to share with you... What a wonderful way to show your Christmas Spirit by creating the 'green' wreath wall, show you don't have jut pop a wreath on your door alone!! You could achieve this look with either live potted plants that are in nestled in stag moss/ peat in a wreath shape - and water them daily to keep moist, or try an artificial variety and purchase faux ivy or box hedge style wreaths.
As you can see here, there's no need for further decoration you can keep it stylish & simple and create the look by putting the wreaths in a gird or shape formation. If you wanted to decorate you could try using just 1 or 2 styles and colours of bauble, or a flower (artificial or real), or why not try a beach theme using some shells, [dried] starfish, or small glittered driftwood pieces. Not forgetting the bush & country you could also bring in some native gum nuts or seeds to add texture... This look could also be a great alternative to a tree if you don't have the space!
What Christmas inspired artwork will you come up with??
Hope you have a wonderful weekend & have a chance to get all your Christmas decorations & shopping done before the chaos catches up! Take care & thank you for visiting Palatial Living this week. Enjoy - S x
Image from My House Ideas

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