17 December, 2009

At Home with Stylish Bright Dinosaurs...

Vogue Living Jan/Feb 2010 issue
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The Ormandy-Olsen Family - left to right - Camille, their daughter, Stephen & Louise.
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No-brainer - above - the inspiration [interior & exterior vista] for this month's Vogue Living Jan/Feb 2010 issue.
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What a treat... this week more of my favourite interior magazines arrived including this gorgeous issue of Vogue Living Jan /Feb 2010 issue. I love the designs and many pieces of Dinosaur Designs, and getting a peek into 2 [Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy] of the 3 [Liane Rossler] design team that makes up Dinosaur Design.
I am always fascinated with Louise Olsen - as her family is as interesting as she is - her brother Tim Olsen, is a successful & prominent gallery owner of 'Tim Olsen Gallery' . Both Louise & Tim are the children of celebrated Australian artist John Olsen & his second wife Valerie Olsen. I am a huge admirer of John Olsen's style & work, and studied his collection and artistic journey throughout school & fine arts at university, so I can understand my unconscious pull as to why I am often drawn to most articles about the 'Olsens' and their many artistic endeavours.
Here in this Vogue Living article we are invited into the stylish & artistic home of the Ormandy-Olsen duo, where both individuals showcase their artistic talents from styling, collecting and [Stephen's] paintings.
Another recent & great article where you can find out more about Louise Olsen and Dinosaur Designs' can be found at Australian Edge

Images from Vogue Living issue Jan / Feb 2010

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