24 December, 2009

It's Christmas Eve...

Hope you have made it on the 'nice' list, or redeemed yourself in time to make it onto Santa's good list! It's Christmas Eve, and as many of us are preparing to visit family, and friends - some are travelling to their loved ones and some are away from them... my sister, Felic & [future] brother-in-law, Alex, who are based in London are heading to Switzerland for Christmas, and we wish them & all who are making their way by car, bike, plane, train , or boat - safe travelling & happy trails to their destination...
It's also at this time we think of [and pray for]those who are less fortunate either without family and friends, or without a warm place to stay and something to eat. If you are in a position to give a donation of time or money to help someone less fortunate than yourself - I encourage you do to please do so - be it inviting neighbour/s [elderly or otherwise] to your home for some Christmas cheer & company, dropping in on someone you know that may be by themselves over this holiday time, giving time to help at a shelter or to a food van, or giving to your local church drive or community pledge... anything you can do always helps.

So tonight I hope that you all keep well, that the milk & cookies, and carrots are out, and that little eyes fall asleep and are kept tight whilst Santa makes his annual visit... May your Christmas morning be a truly happy one!
Take care & Best Wishes, Sarah x

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