07 December, 2009

Christmas Past... Vintage House Beautiful

[image 1] In the December 1959 issue House Beautiful featured these "disco balls" made from cardboard. With just a few folds and a couple of staples, they become red and green shimmery decorations.
[image 2] House Beautiful featured these golden petal rosettes in our December 1957 issue. With just these simple foil and cardboard die-cuts, the wall of this home is transformed for the holidays.
[image 3] In the December 1948 issue, Laura McVay created this delectable sugar plum tree from California manzanita, though any leafless winter branch would do. Sprays of anise and dill, tied with red bows, feather the tips of gumdrop-hung branches.
[image 4] In the December 1943 issue House Beautiful decided to showcase a traditional red and green dining room table with red and white linens, candles, and holly.

I came across these fabulous vintage (U.S magazine) House Beautiful Christmas images from their readers during the 1940's & 50's... It is amazing how some of our traditions have kept through the years and some have just been modernised with the introduction of new materials & placements; although despite the years past much of the application and definitely the intention remain the same - for a beautiful happy Christmas! Maybe you, or your mum, or grandma - have images of their Christmas tree, festive decorations or table settings that are reminiscent of these days gone by... Enjoy x
Images & Caption Text from House Beautiful

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