03 December, 2009

Early Christmas Gift Arrived!

[Image Above] 'A Passion for Blue & White' by Carolyn Roehm
[Above Image] 'Decorating with Blue & White' by Gail Abbott

I'm so excited - I have to share this with you - last week I received a delivery of an early Christmas gift from my sister, Felic & [soon-to-be] brother-in-law, Alex who are based in London - two wonderful books I have been coveting for a little bit now... 'A Passion for Blue & White' by Carolyn Roehm and 'Decorating with Blue & White' by Gail Abbott Gosh my sister knows me well & sending out my wish lists a little while ago also helps!!
The early delivery surprised both myself and my sister - thanks to Amazon they got here before Christmas! I order most of my art, style & design books from Amazon and always have a several page long wish list running - so when the Aussie dollar is strong I jump on and order several at a time! So if you're thinking of sending presents OS or ordering online & shipping think about getting it crossed off your 'to-do' list sooner than later!

Images from Amazon.com

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