31 December, 2009

Nearly... Happy New Year for 2010...

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Notebook Doodles , via vi.sualize.us
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It's New Year's Eve here in Australia, and 2009 is drawing to a close...This would have to be one of my favourite times of the year for parties, celebrations, being with friends, and reflection. This year [new years eve] is a little different as I am the designated driver, being nearly 6 months pregnant there is no getting out of this job! But on the up & up at least I won't have that nasty headache from too many champagne bubbles as years gone by!
Here are a couple of images I found & love - they seem to perfectly reflect how I am feeling about this upcoming new year -

To Live in the Moment, To Do it Now (less procrastination), Pay It Forward , Be [more content] Happy - with Myself & for What I Have.

I suppose this year feels somewhat especially reflective, withwhat seems the smell of change in the air, as my husband & my life will become dramatically different come Early May when our little addition arrives into our lives!
So where ever you are this evening have fun, stay safe, if you drink then don't drive, & here's a BIG Happy New Year to You for a wonderful 2010! I can't wait to share more with you in 2010 at Palatial Living! Take Care. S xxx

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