09 December, 2009

Don't Be Caught Out At Christmas...

[image 1] Home-made sweets are best when thoughtfully presented & wrapped
[image 2] Easy make adults & childrens felt slippers for home, visit Martha Stewart for details.

[image 3] Thoughtfully wrapped candles and body lotions can be great gift ideas.
Gift Giving at Christmas and that Awkward moment of being 'caught' Empty-Handed...
Most have been there and would prefer not to go back to that moment where someone, be it friend we don't see often or an aquaintance you don't exect to see or your neighbours that you only see when they get their rubbish bins - give you a [small] festive token of thier relationship with you ...
So you could have the attitude of - Mr Scrooge > Ba Humbug: I’m not sure if my friends and I are exchanging gifts this year. But if someone shows up with a present, I’ll just tell them, “Yours is on the way,” and drop off something when I have the time.
OR - why don't you get creative & take an inexpensive, light-hearted, non-related Scrooge approach... Happy Holidays: This is one of the easiest ways to create an awkward situation during the holidays. Because you never know who’s going to ring your doorbell bearing gifts, be prepared! Keep a few small presents, such as baked cookies or some home-made wrapped nougart, scented candles, hand towels, and stationary, hand-sewn bags, or hand made toys or cushions, at the ready so that no one is left empty-handed.
See, really not that hard - and then those embarrassing social faux pas moments are erased and we can all sing 'Happy Christmas'!

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