09 November, 2009

Book Shelf Love...

Smart Space - Custom-built egg-crate shelving covering an entire wall provides ample room to mix storage and display. A mix of magazine organizers, baskets, and boxes provides storage for periodicals, stationery, and painting and office supplies and creates a pleasing, layered mix of objects.
There's room in the kitchen too...
A winning combo - Special space for art & artifacts with favourite books - back lit with pops of colour that compliments the upholstery.
Quirky & Clever - Three bookcases joined with molding provide plenty of space for books and have a built-in feel. The space above the bookcases is put to use storing extra chairs for guests.
Floor to ceiling befriending the doorway...
I have always adored books & their shelves - here I found some great spaces and places for housing your favourite paper friends, and some with other great neighbours such as seating, art & artifacts, and tea pots & plates. I have always dreamt of having a hall way lined with shelving for books, or a small library & home office again again with a couple of walls lined with books! We had/ some plans drawn up for a home office a little while ago that also incorporated [white] built-in floor to ceiling shelving to house my art & design books...Now just need to keep saving for the conversion, hopefully to too far off in the future!

Images from Country Living, Traditional Home & Sunset Living.

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