16 November, 2009

Getting Festive - Christmas Wrapping...

I love nothing better than wrapping up and giving presents - especially themed style & colour en-mass! And there's no better time than Christmas to make a great 'wrapping' statement!!
Handmade wrapping - above - Australian Home Beautiful Dec 09 issue
Cheerful Gift Boxes - To give a cardboard box a cheery makeover, place the lid on top of a card. Using a ruler, draw an outline that's about 1/4 inch outside the lid. Cut just inside the line with a pair of pinking shears. Use a glue stick to attach the cutout to the lid; the card will extend over the box's edges (be sure it's centered over the lid before pressing down). Repeat to cover the bottom of the box. From Martha Stewart.com

Handmade Vintage Inspired wrapping - above - Australian Home Beautiful Dec 09 issue

I'm getting into the festive season & have just 'designed' & ordered our 2009 Family Christmas cards which are an explosion of Cherry Red & White, that should arrive in a couple of weeks - enough time to write, lick, stamp & post out! Whilst getting into my Christmas cards it got me thinking of what will me gift wrap colour theme be this year?
I love mixing non-traditional colours & ideas with Christmas - although this year I am leaning towards a slightly more 'handmade' look but am thinking about colour combinations such as Craft Brown Paper, Cherry Red, White & Pale Blue - as in the Real Living Dec 09 issue, and Home Beautiful Dec 09 issue - for the boys. And for the Girls - very similar so there's a strong theme - Craft Brown Paper, Cherry Red, White & Fuchsia Pink - as shown in some the pages of the Inside Out Christmas 09 issue!
So what colour, theme & style will you go for this year? Whichever way you go - have fun with it!!

BTW - Good news - This week the new issue for [Australian] Home Beautiful Dec 2009 is out in newsagents & supermarkets.

Images from [Australian] Home Beautiful Dec 2009 & Martha Stewart

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