12 November, 2009

Garden Cottages for Play or Work...

Owners of this old shed saw huge potential and converted it into a master external bath house - a retreat to bathe and relax in.
With some TLC an old garden shed becomes a cottage haven for potting plants, reading & relaxing. A cosy home office in a revamped garden tool shed.

A converted pigeon house is now a bright, friendly undercover play space.

'My next house.. .' Backyard Cabin.

Many of us have this thought - 'In my next house I will have...'
Here are some wonderful examples of a garden cottage or shed that has another purpose than housing just the tools and the lawn mower! From an external bath house, to a home office & studio, to a converted pigeon house into a children's play room ! So many uses and options that you could change the space to your growing family & professional needs.
And I would have to say I am no exception, being involved in helping my client's interior & exterior colour & style ides come to fruition isn't only normal that many of my ideas continue to ripen before I can harvest them!! And one of them is - 'In my next house...' I would love to have a yard space large enough to house a little off site home office w/ en suite - complete with a small verandah (very in keeping) where I can dream, design, paint & sew, as well as invite clients to chat with them about their ideas and how we can bring them to life... Hmmm, I particular love the 'Backyard Cabin' [last image] by an Australian company 'Back yard Cabins' who are located in Sydney's northern beaches, Avalon. I think this design would be just perfect for so many reasons... So hope you are reading my post today Darling [husband]!

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