05 November, 2009

Surreal Blue & White - Alice in Waterland...

I recently stumbled across these fabulous images by photographer Elena Kalis, her works titled 'Alice In Waterland'. I have always loved, little fair haired girls in the blue dress with white apron and black ribbon headband that is Alice, in the timeless tale by Lewis Caroll. My grandmother used to have an over sized Dinsey picture book of the story and read it to me religiously before I would go to sleep when staying over at her place. I loved the colours, and all the crazy outlandish things that these animals and imaginary characters could do, whilst Alice was madly tyring to find her way back home... These images by Elena Kalis contain that wonderful surreal imaginary world that is made for Alice - but here in her 'Waterland'. I think they are just beautiful and terribly clever... for more of Elena's work please visit her web page. I would love some of these images in large white frames, on white walls with white trim in my home, accented by shots of pale aqua, light pink and shots of red, voila!

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