11 November, 2009

Christmas Is Coming... little things to get you going

Count-down bunting in natural linen and red embroidery hung near the staircase.
Yum - Christmas cookies that everyone can help with and get into!
Back to my grandmother's country roots - home preserves that are thoughtfully & beautifully packaged, make for wonderful gifts.
[Australian] Home Beautiful, December 2009 issue out in new stands soon!

Very excited - just got my new issue of Home Beautiful Dec 09 in the post today... and there were lots of gorgeous ideas for making Christmas 'yours'! With projects from the sewing machine to the kitchen, to the living room - in fabulous summery Christmas hues of crisp white, ruby red & pale china blue - Love it!
With only 5-6 weeks to go till the BIG festive week - it's got me getting out the Christmas music so I that I can hum along whilst I put these ideas & projects into motion... So thought I would share some of my fave images - so far - from the issue. Enjoy x

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