23 November, 2009

I Love This..From Inside Out - 'Santa Please Stop Here!'

[Image 1] 'Santa Please Stop- Here'
[Images 1, 2 & 3] Within the grounds of Shannon's home nestled in the sublime NSW Byron Bay hinterland.

[Image 4] just liek the uber cute puppy dog in Shannon's spread - here's my handsome Cavoodle, Zach - pictured at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk - complete witha 'Verandah Puppy' denim paws & ginham bandana!
[Image 5] Cover image of Inside Out's Christmas Issue Vol. 3. No.1 2009

I received my subscription copy Inside Out's Christmas Issue Vol. 3. No.1 2009 just recently... And to my delight amongst many other fantastic pieces there was another gorgeous spread from Inside Out's Shannon Fricke awaited inside... I love the 'bohemian lost-kids' look - almost Peter Pan-esque - that really seems to sum up what the summer lead up to Christmas is all about for kids! At least this is how I remember playing after school & the hot days of school holidays close to Christmas with cicadas in the background... Shannon and Prue (Roscoe - photography) have really managed to capture the whimsical fun of this special magical time - even down to the super cute puppy dog- who looks so much like my Cavoodle, Zach ! I have included a photo of him from the RSPCA Million Paws Walk last year so you can see what I mean! The location reminded me of Shannon's home in the Byron Bay hinterland - and upon further reading of her blog [from her posting on 4 November] yes it is... the house & grounds looks so wonderful Shannon, well done.
Thank you again 'Inside Out' for a beautiful story! For more info and details on this spread and fabulous Christmas ideas get your copy of Inside Out's Christmas Issue 2009 at your favourite newsagent now. Enjoy. S x

Images from Inside Out's Christmas Issue Vol. 3. No.1 2009

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