05 April, 2010

Easter Monday...Happy Easter to You!

Between Ending the week last week with [Good] Friday Flowers and starting the week on Easter Monday with Flowers - although technically still the weekend... I couldn't resist the happy colourful bouquet of flowers to start the week and end the long weekend & to wish you a very Happy Easter!
I love all the colour used at Easter between the flowers used, the decorations, the shiny foil wrapping paper of all the Easter eggs, and [here in Sydney] the helium balloons, ride lights, and show bags from the Sydney Royal Easter Show - you'd be hard pressed to not find joy somewhere! If you live in Sydney or are visiting now is a great time to visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show - aptly known as when '... the country comes to town....'. Farm animals, carnies, rides, show bags and hepas of fun for grown-ups and children alike are all part of it - topped of with fireworks finale every night! On until Wednesday 14th April - For more info visit eastershow.com.au

Image from Martha Stewart

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