13 April, 2010

Fabulous Shades of Pink!

Lately I have had several people tell me [by looking at the shape of my pregnant belly] that we're having a boy... although not adverse to either a baby boy or girl, as we don't know ourselves yet, it would seem that gender is being played by colour [and vice versa] through out decor, design, styling and clothing decision making. It got me thinking more about how important colour is to us, and how we associate colour with social conditioning or it's expectations, whether subliminally or not. At such a new start in life, as a baby, it would seem that we're already determined by masculine and feminine types of colour...
Maybe subconsciously that is why I am exploring the poles of 'gender' colour here, with these fabulous shades of pink, and yesterday more of the blue spectrum... What does it mean? Not sure but it's fun to explore and to not be tagged with a 'gender-ised colour'!
Regardless - although I don't use a lot of pink shades in my work it is slowly creeping through in accents and decor items, I find it an amazing joining colour and soloist hue too. Here are some wonderful examples of how stunning, clean and contemporary pink can really be I thought I would share with you. Enjoy x


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  2. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! My fave colour. Am so glad you're on maternity leave and doing more posts - they're absolutely lovely.



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