20 April, 2010

Nursery Sneak Peak...

I covet my [our] Eames [Replica] RAR Rocker from Matt Blatt - it is so comfortable and terribly stylish, teamed with UK brand 'Nature's Purest' - 'Bird' applique Pillow... ready for nursing.
A collection of sweet friends - left to right - 'D-lux' knitted Bunny from my Aunt & cousin, Harrods' 'My First Puppy' I picked this adorable plush puppy up when I was in London last year visiting my sister - just before I arrived we found out I was pregnant with Baby Verity - as a little girl I had a 'puppy' that I adored & I wanted to carry on the tradition.
Next to 'Puppy' is the knitted soft rattle 'Safari Elephant' from Nature's Purest - an adorable gift from a good friend & work colleague who loved the recent birth of the baby elephant at Sydney's Taronga Zoo and thought to commemorate it for our baby! Lastly - 'Noukies' Teddy Bear rattle plush slippers I saw these in a baby wear store in Lucerne Switzerland on my travels late last year and thought they were perfect!

I love this Cath Kidston 'Knitted Bunny' that I picked up in the Cath Kidston signature store in Covent Garden London when visiting my sister last year - I really love that store, coupled with another 'rabbit' with the wonderful story book 'Guess How Much I Love You' sweetheart edition by Sam McBrateny & Illustrated by Anita Jeram.

A fun display - Eric Carle's 'Very Special Baby Book' , Dr Suess' Miniature Library, Cath Kidson's 'Knitted Rabbit', & 'Guess How Much I Love You' story book.

[Above] A very special friend has been waiting for a few years now... we named 'Sinclair', who is Harrods' Signature Teddy Bear that my husband surprised with me when in London, heading though Europe for Christmas & New Year's, a couple months after we were married in 2004, he bought it for our first baby that he knew we'd have some time down the track!
[Above]'Peter Rabbit & Wedgewood Dinner Plate' & Mug; a gift from Verity Grandparents-to-be, my mother-in-law gave us this sweet set, which I have displayed with perspex plate holder, when we announced we were pregnant - I love that she told me she had bought it, as in -waiting gift, shortly after we were married and kept it for this announcement! A lovely friend & work colleague gave us Baby Verity's first couture - a 'Baby Dior' by Christian Dior bottle, complete with silver mesh carrier!

Starting the library... you know my fondness of books, and it's never to early to start. Since taking this photo the collection has grown again, as has the Amazon wish list in Baby Verity's name!

I got restless & did some 'nesting' end of last week and through the weekend in the nursery... and also picked up our Eames [Replica] RAR Rocker - Yay! Here are a few images of the Neutral Canvas I have created for our much anticipated 'Baby Verity'... due in approx. 2/2.5 wks time! My husband thinks it's hilarious that I love to 'merchandise' the books & toys in the bookcase & room... maybe some of me is rubbing off on him - as he found the white baskets, and is quite proud of his 'design' mark made!
Hope you like them... accented colours & more decor pieces to follow - stay tuned! S xxx

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  1. Special baby book, that’s so cute! I recognise it because my (now almost) 2 year old nephew loves that book: the very hungry caterpillar!



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