23 April, 2010

Happy News...We have a little Girl!

We have Happy News!
'Olivia The Owl' by fab label Bluebird & Honey, a soft rattle friend from our dear friends Caz & John, and Mollie [from Infancy].
I am in disbelief...Thursday morning at exactly 11am I gave birth to our gorgeous sweet little girl, Isabelle Sarah! We loved the name 'Isabelle' for some time now and 'Sarah' is a family name from my Dad's side including my namesake - my Grandma, her Great Aunt & Great Grandmother, and my cousin's middle name - needless to say it's a special family name and we love it. Not long after posting on Palatial Living late on Wednesday evening I went into spontaneous labour...that will teach me to post about not having any more birthdays in the month of April!! Now we have one more very special on 22 April 2010 to our daughter,Isabelle, who decided to meet us some 2 weeks earlier than expected!
We're all doing super well, and I now will have so much fun finalising Isabelle's nursery! Luckily my darling husband (aka amazing birth partner & new Daddy) lent me his 'baby dell' laptop so I could - a) blog for Palatial Living; b) email friends & family; & c) importantly get in contact with those who I have sourced from for the finer decor details! Note -Janette - My Sweet Prints, just to let you know that I will be ordering over the weekend!
I will post images very soon... Blessings, I will be back shortly! S xxx
Visit 'Bluebird & Honey' blog here; and check out 'Infancy' online here.

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  1. Oh Sarah, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting! I hope you and little Isabelle are doing well and getting as much sleep as you can! I will be making Isabelle's prints today with great excitement.



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