16 April, 2010

Sweet Friday Flowers...

Seems we still have a good few Easter Eggs left around the house, for some reason the chocolate eggs always taste better than just having plain block chocolate! Purely in the head I know... that's why I couldn't go past these sweet flowers - pansies, snow drops, forget-me-nots, lavender buds and the like, all vased in pretty patterned egg cups. They reminded me of our little treats left over !
I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend... I plan to put my feet up for most of it - especially now that our nursery is as ready as it can be - just waiting for someone to fill it! Thank You again for stopping by at Palatial Living & for all your kind emails and comments.
Take Care & Happy Weekend! S xxx
Image from Martha Stewart

1 comment:

  1. Sarah...what a pretty image...and talk about Easter eggs...for some reason I feel guilty if I dont indulge...lol..at least once a day :)
    Have a lovely weekend..and yes...ALL you should be doing now is putting your feet up....and enjoy this time as your world will soon change...and SO SO much for the better :) x



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