29 April, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is...

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I'm home now with our precious baby girl, Isabelle, and I am sure glad to be out of hospital, in the surrounds & comfort of my own home [not to mention bigger laptop & interior mags]! It is truly amazing the emotional & physical pull that our homes have on us... the comfort of familiar smells, touch, and visual recognition can make all the difference to our sense of well being. It is with these ever so important sensory levels that by changing, updating, and styling our homes [living spaces] to a genuinely pleasing aesthetic that can make all the difference to how we function, and connect with who we live with...What are some of the things you have done to add to or make your house a more personal space - a home, your home?
Enjoy your Home, Love your Home! S x

Images from Australian Country Style May 2010 issue - 'Decorating - Pale & Pretty' pg 84

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