09 April, 2010

Friday Flowers for L-O-V-E!

Flowers for Friday this week is for a very special reason - L-O-V-E - this weekend - is my [little] sister, Felicity's Wedding to her fiance Alexander! We're all so very excited for them both & cannot wait till Saturday afternoon for the Church ceremony, and following reception celebrations! Although I am a little inhibited at 36 weeks pregnant to a) wear the bridesmaid dress - I have a special one for the day as chief bridesmaid to accommodate Baby Verity! b) no flowing champagne for me - just mock tails, and c) have to keep it to a few dances instead of many; bonus - my husband is groomsman so we're together on the day! We do know it is going to be a fabulous day for my sister & our families, and Felic will be gorgeous bride!
Hope you have a love-filled weekend whatever you're up to - be it attending a wedding, or spending time with your family & friends, falling in love with a piece of furniture, art work or print, or a plant for your garden! Enjoy & Take Care. S xxx
Image from Snippet & Ink

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