19 August, 2010

Early Spring? Or Just Spr-inter...

Apple Ice Tea

Today in Sydney it was unseasonably warm at 23/ 24 C and I think it took us all a little aback, from the cool windy weather we had over the weekend, today I scrambled to pull out something cooler to wear, and to drink - the water went down fast! But I also came across this delicious recipe on Country Living for Apple Ice Tea I though I'd share with you. I love any Ice Tea [especially Long Island ones!] at the best of times - but I thought this was a nice twist. Ice Tea is definitely a great 'Palatial' drink to serve your guests! Here's the recipe below if you'd like to give it try... Enjoy x

Apple Ice Tea
Serves: 4
Total Time: 10 min

Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 5 min

Ingredients in Metric
4 [darjeeling] 'Lipton' black tea bags
2 tablespoon(s) honey
480 mls apple juice
1 lemon, sliced

Alternate Recipe - Add 2-3 shots of Apple or Citrus infused Vodka for a Grown-Up After 4pm Ice Tea version!

1.Bring a small saucepan of water to a boil. Pour ½ cup water over tea bags in a large measuring cup. Steep for 5 minutes; remove and squeeze tea bags. Add honey, stirring well.
2.Add enough ice so tea reaches the 1-cup mark. Fill 2 tall glasses with ice. Add ½ cup tea, ½ cup apple juice and several lemon slices to each; stir & enjoy!

Image & Recipe via Country Living

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