27 August, 2010

Friday Flowers...For You!

- A Vignette - Magnolia Grandiflora -

Friday Flowers in a different form - photography, and a truly beautiful image too. It's one of Palatial Living's signature blooms & one of my ALL time favourites - the Grandiflora Magnolia! Another great image from Martha Stewart via gorgeous blog, Lona de Anna! Happy Friday to You!
Apologies for the lack of postings this week a plethora of things happening - we have just come back from our first family holiday as '3' with our little Isabelle, whilst celebrating my husband's birthday, and had great time - but am all over the place with Palatial Living, and have just made my deadline emailing my lovely client her 'Pre-Sales Styling & Staging Guideline Report' minutes ago! Ohhh my 'laptop' shoulders need a soak, and there seems to be a tonne of housework to catch up on! Friday really crept up on me this week...Hope you have great weekend & Enjoy! S xxx

Image from Martha Stewart via Lona de Anna blog

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