06 August, 2010

Happy Weekend...

Thinking of starting a project but haven't made it past 'go' and only been thinking of the end result - don't let procrastinating get the better of you! Go for it - start today... you might just surprise yourself - I know I often do!  
Hope you have a great weekend ahead, thank you for joining me this week at Palatial Living. It's a really busy weekend socially & work-wise, my husband is running in a big Sydney run event [City 2 Surf '10], we have a family & friend's party to attend, and I'm looking forward to catching up with a client tomorrow and helping her get a game plan together for getting it ready for viewings to sell their home [after a lot of work -  through nearly 2 years we have done together on it!]. And a BIG Thank You to all of you whose kind & encouraging comments boosted my week when my website for Verandah Home+Garden Living Solutions went live!
Take Care, Have Fun & Enjoy! S xxx

image via vi.sualiz.us

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