18 August, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Sister x

A few delicious images I am posting in favour of my sister, Felicity's birthday today! Flowers, Cake, Jewellery & Accessories from at least one of her fave stores, LKBennett - what more do you need on your birthday [except shoes!]...

Fresh White Freesias

Delicious Vanilla [Gluten Free] White Frosted Birthday Cake

Fabulous Accessories from LKBennett

Unique & Gorgeous: Vintage Floral Collar Necklace from Miss Selfridge
Sending Birthday Love, Wishes, Hugs & Kisses to my darling [little] sister all the way over in London-town!Hope you have a wonderful birthday & get spoilt silly! So glad the presents & flowers arrived... Love You. S, M & I xxx

Images via Country Living, LKBennett, Miss Selfridge


  1. Thank you darling! With love from London xoxo

  2. Thank you very much for the delivery to my office of my own fresh white freesias!



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