03 August, 2010

In Love with Dangar... A Signature Awning.

1. images 1, 2, & 3 from domain.com.au



image 4 from unknown style magazine [from a couple of years ago]

image 5 from Sunday Life magazine - Sunday Herald [several years ago]

I knew this home looked familiar - I went through my tear sheet images file and matched this home that was also up for sale just a couple of months ago when I was 'house snooping online'. I have a fascination and love of Dangar Island - ever since I was a little girl and we'd drive over the Brooklyn Bridge [Sydney not NY] over the Brisbane Waters heading up the coast on family holidays. I loved the idea that people lived on this island and also went to work or school and caught the boat home rather than the bus or drive in the car! I also love beach style cottages with big fold out awnings that just make another room outside instantly, in particular this striking Black & White awning - that has become a signature for this home on Dangar Island - almost like it's own model card since it seems to be rented out for fashion shoots... And was up for sale only a couple of months ago - maybe next time 'round I'll be in a position to make an offer! Enjoy x

images via domain.com.au, Sydney style magazine & 'Sunday Life' supplement magazine - Sunday Herald

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