16 August, 2010

Faded Grandeur...

It's strange how sometimes two non-related images or things can completely interlink and inspire me... I was inspired by two main things for this post 'Vogue Living' July/ August 2010 issue with an editorial 'Walls That Talk' of Debra Cronin's gorgeous romantic renovated-dilapidated Woollahra terrace, and a friend's recent facebook [gorgeous] profile pic of herself and her [nearly 1 year old] son reaching for a beautiful chandelier in their home... Led me to post these images that further inspire me, maybe I am preoccupied with the idea of re-decorating our master bedroom! Enjoy x 

images via Australian Vogue Living Aug/Sept 10, Flickr, TelegraphUK, Vi.sualize.us

1 comment:

  1. Always love a chandelier! It's great to be inspired by so many different things :)



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