08 April, 2009

April Colour Society Meeting... Absolute Abstract with MO

Last night I attended the April Colour Society [NSW chapter] meeting at the Graphic Art Gallery, located in Bondi Junction [Sydney NSW], and was hosted by the owner and celebrated artist Martin Ossener, and his daughter Barbara Ossener - also an accomplished artist. So I thought I would share a view images of Martin's works, and a little background about him, with you... I hope you enjoy them as much as I did last night.
Midnight Construction, 2001 by MO
Blue Landscape,2008 by MO
Yellow Landscape, 2008 by MO
Yellow Unikum, 2008 by MO
Action Painting - Birth of Red, Black & White c. 1960 by MO
Red Unikum, 2008 by MO
Black Force Tries to Catch White Ball , 2008 by MO
The artist - Martin Ossener AKA 'MO'

Abstract art has a special place at the Graphic Art Gallery. Martin, the owner, is an abstract artist himself who studied abstract art in Europe in the 1960s. He paints under the name MO and is highly successful. His art hangs in many modern homes, units, offices and boardrooms in Australia and Europe.
An exclusive exhibition of abstract paintings by German artist MO is currently on show at the Graphic Art Gallery in Bondi Junction. MO's abstract paintings are free of any objects or forms, as we recognise them in the real world. Space and perspective are created through the movement of colour, lines and forms. Based upon the theories of ACTION PAINTING or ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT ART original forms are invented throughout the progression of each painting. The artist works to an inner harmony, similar to a composer writing a piece of music. MO's creations seem to travel beyond the painting's border, into the unknown, into eternity. The viewer has to use all their imagination to follow these forms into the depth and space of MO's paintings. From an early age the artist sought the unknown. To paint in pure abstract style was a natural succession. "It is difficult to step out of the conventional, the known. It is the joy of venture, it is the danger, the risk, which forces one to think." MO studied abstract art in Germany with Professor Ralf Cavael, a friend and associate of Kandinsky, who is recognised as the father of abstract art. MO is the artist name of Martin Ossner, the founder of the Graphic Art Gallery. Besides his most recent paintings, there are also some rare 1962 action paintings for sale. When you visit the exhibition, you can make a personal appointment to see Martin. He can explain to you everything you ever wanted to know about abstract art.

Images from Graphic Art Gallery & Colour Society Australia - NSW newsletter

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