30 April, 2009

Remembering... with Love.

Today we remember with love & goodness my Uncle Tony [my mum's brother] who left us for a far better place on this day last year.
You will always be youthful , always be strong and caring, your dry incredibly funny & poignant jokey manner - will never fade in our eyes. You would be so proud of your gorgeous wife & beautiful daughter, and wonderful family. One of your final favourite songs - Songbird - echos & reminds me of how wonderful you are. We love you - Know that you are always in our hearts - never far from our thoughts & prayers. Love you always - S xxx
If you or someone you have loved has been affected by cancer in any way - please think about giving to the Cancer Council Australia [NSW] please visit this link and give generously , be it your time or dollars - all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Image from Flickr & you tube link to Songbird - version by Eva Cassidy,
Songbird - originally written/ sung by Christine McVie & Fleetwood Mac

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