06 April, 2009

Botanical Eggs... An Easter Inspiration

Top. An enchanting rustic botanical Easter vignette.
Centre Image - Fresh, fragrant, bright Easter table setting - A simple brown paper lunch bag cut into the shape of a basket , then the Jonquils are set in a small vase inside the bag - allowing them to stay fresh and be held up.

With Easter fast approaching at the end of this week - two very significant religious dates on the Christian calendar - Good Friday & Easter Sunday. We are reminded - particularly through Easter Sunday - with the symbolics of life, newness and re-birth. Easter for us [my husband & I] is a time of some sadness, gratefulness, forgiveness, happiness and love - shared best with our families & our dearest [inner sanctum] of friends. Easter colour -wise is traditionally of bright sunny colours filtered with pastels some would say reminiscent of the Easter Parade movie with Judy Garland & Fred Astaire floating about - made perfectly in the technicolour of 1948 making the colours even more saturated, some of the corsages & millinery even Patricia Field of STC [a very fave show of mine] would love for Carrie! Easter - a parade - with bonnets, the Easter egg hunt, more chocolate eggs, rabbits, baby chicks, seafood, sharing your table & meals with loved ones... What does it mean for you?
This week I am inspired by beautiful [and fun] decorating ideas for our home and guests... Here I found these gorgeous Botanical inspired decoupage eggs that I had to share with you - here using different sized eggs from chickens (mostly medium size), ducks (larger size), and quails or pheasants for the more petite end! I particularly love the top image - a little botanical rustic Easter vignette - where printed paper images of the butterflies have been used and only partially stuck down on their bodies allowing their wings to be 'floating' free - giving the illusions that they have - in that very Milli-second - rested on the curve of the egg... quite enchanting.
Why you try to decorate some blown eggs this week with your favourite wrapping paper. For more super great tips on craft & decorating projects be sure to visit Martha Stewart Living. Enjoy x

Images from Martha Stewart Living

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