09 April, 2009

Wishing you Well...

I am signing off over the Easter break - I'm not sure about you but I am really looking forward to several days off in row - very grateful!! I hope to post for Easter Sunday and will see how our lunch hosting goes... we have a number of family & friends events over the several days, one in particular we're having some very dear friends (& their little 8month old girl Sophie) over for Easter Sunday lunch where my husband & I are tag teaming for the menu - him for entree, main and me for desert + setting up!
Here's to wishing you well over Easter - with your family & friends, if you're driving away - please stay safe - rest & please don't speed, it's all worth it when you get there all together...
Happy Easter! Be back with you really soon - Blessings, Take Care & Enjoy. S xxx

Image from Martha Stewart

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