27 April, 2009

Very Pretty Things... with Prue Trollope.

I received my monthly newsletter from one of my favourite stores, Prue Trollope, located in Sydney's Inner West - Balmain. Prue carries such lovely things, and in particular when in blue & white, with tones of latte & taupe I am there in a flash! So thought it would be nice to share one of my favourite 'pleasure' shopping destinations with you, you may have already visited or read about Prue & her store in many of the (Australian) home & garden magazines or SMH's 'Essential' lift out in 'the Source' published on Thursdays.
Eclectic, pretty mix of old and new homewares - Step into Prue Trollope's fabulous homewares store, scattered with luscious woollen floor rugs, tapestry cushions, retro swimsuits, vintage Korean kimonos, original artworks and cotton quilts, and you'll never want to leave! Prue Trollope’s Balmain boutique is one notable exception. Daring to be different, Prue describes her style as “maximalist,” with an eclectic mix of the old, new, classic and kitsch.
Above. Prue, the women behind the name & the business - Prue Trollope, 21 Mullens Street, Balmain. Phone 9810 6567

The Mullens Street boutique is set within a superb old building which for over seventy-five years operated as a hardware store. The space now takes on a significantly more feminine air, with the nails, dust and rust replaced by the prettiest of pieces for around the home. Peruse the store and you’ll discover luxurious cotton quilts, heavy feather-filled tapestry cushions and woollen hooked floor rugs covered in cabbage roses. A true treasure trove, Prue’s shop features an amazing range of finds such as a 1940’s French bed, beautiful vintage kimonos from Korea and highly comfy canvas shoes from China. You’ll even find large urns for the garden and a great range of gifts, including pearl jewellery, hand-stitched shoulder bags and cute woollen purses. If you are looking to pick up something for the kids, the store also has plenty on offer. Highly popular are handmade wooden stools in the shape of sheep, pigs, dogs and horses. You’ll also find the super-soft Flatout Bears, which Prue and her sister Sarah have sold to famous stores worldwide including Barneys of New York, Paul Smith of London and Le Bon Marche of Paris.

So thought I would share a few of my absolute faves from Prue's store & can also be found on her online store...

Images from Prue Trollope

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