24 April, 2009

Lest We Forget.... ANZAC Day Saturday 25th April.

Tomorrow, Saturday 25th April, here in Australia & New Zealand, we remember & honour those who have fought, who have died, and are continuing to fight for our country and our freedom as we know it.
Thank You for your commitment to our country & it's people, we are forever grateful . Lest We Forget.


Where have all the poppies gone?
Memories of the fallen sing a quieting song…
Where have all the poppies gone?
Time’s injustice-As memories fade, Of heroes no longer with us…
I wonder; Where have all the poppies gone?
The spirits of the dead soldiers sing a solemn song-
“Lest they forget! Lest they forget! ”
-Bidding us that of their sacrifices,
To never forget…

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