29 April, 2009

Yellow in the Boudoir...

Top - Playful, Warm & Cosy.
Centre - Modern ,Contemporary & Fresh

Bottom - Sophisticated & Sumptuous

Shots of Yellow in the bedroom in varying shades can create different atmospheres.... the palest lemon & chatruese mustard teamed with metameric teal & night blue - can make it Sophisticated & Sumptuous ; or a burst of daffodil high chroma yellow as an art piece & used as an elevated bed head - set on a cool white wall can be Modern & Contempoaray; or using a sunny butter yellow with cream, ornage coral & tones and toned down apple green make for a Playful, Warm & Cosy bedroom - as shown in these rooms.
Whichever mood you wish to create - why don't you try a shade of yellow in your bedroom or guest room?

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