18 April, 2009

Birthday Wishes....

Lost of Birthday Wishes to my darling Grandma, Sarah [also my namesake], whose 89th birthday is today...

Without bias -she is truly an amazing woman & is certainly someone I adore but always look to for advice, wisdom and blessing. She is a phenomenal influence in my life from her 'trying' retirement at 55, to going back that next week and finally 'winding down' at 71 - to teaching me to sew as a little girl, and later on to re-upholster, to stripping and hanging wall paper, to painting a wall because you like the colour - need a change and because you feel like it, to moving furniture around because you can and need to see how that piece you have been eyeing-off might look, to traipsing around second-hand stores to find that one great piece - even it is another bed and you already have 4!
For spending hours with me in the garden, most often over a pot of leaf tea, explaining the various types of plants & their attributes, how to strike a cutting from the stems we had gathered on our walks around her home in the Blue Mountains and how to transplant delicate root systems & the right time to do it, and always smelling like a soft bouquet of violets...

Here's to you Grandma - for a year ahead full of happy times, good health & many more sunny wonderful gardening days!
Loving You Always. S xx

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